Zeisloft Trucking where “Safety Equals Success”

At Zeisloft Trucking we pride ourselves on unprecedented service, but we understand that this is not possible without implementing stringent safety measures in all aspects of our operation. With that said, we have instituted many tools to make sure our drivers, customers, and civilians are safe when we are at work.

Alan Mashaw, Safety Director

Alan Mashaw Safety DirectorWe welcome Alan Mashaw from UPS who has over 40 years of safety and transportation experience. We are excited for him to implement and maintain all safety policies to ensure we are compliant with OSHA, DOT, and FMCSA. The drive for safety and compliance will help us achieve our goal of obtaining new business across the country.


Our Safety Team

From drivers to our team within the office, we understand that “Safety Equals Success”. We have a strong safety team which ensures our firm is compliant with all DOT, OSHA, and FMSCA regulations. In addition, we reward our safest drivers and reprimand any unsafe behavior to set the standard that safety comes first.

Meet our 2019 Safety Team:

Gus Matteo: A long time employee of Zeisloft Trucking LLC who always looks out for the safety of our firm. Gus also aids with dispatch while serving customers to make sure they are getting all the proper material they need! We could not ask for a better partner to help keep our company safe and efficient. Scott Pinckney: A veteran employee for us, who has been one of our safest drivers for the last 30 years. We look forward to having Scott watch over our growing tank division to ensure we remain safe for our customers.

Continuous Training

Safety training is something that never ends at Zeisloft Trucking. We understand the importance of continuous reminders about how safety is the most important aspect of our business. With that said, we hold safety meetings once a quarter to make sure our team is constantly reminded on how to operate our vehicles on the road.

Improving Processes and Technology

At Zeisloft Trucking we understand that our industry is constantly growing and evolving which is why we constantly institute new technology and processes to stay ahead of the game. We have implemented ELDs, GPS Tracking, and Dashcams to help keep our fleet safe, compliant, and ahead of the competition.